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  • Mar 28, 2023
Sam Pearce
Screen Dream

So I actually needed to write a song for this (very indie unpaid) film in which I’m playing a sad guitar guy and appropriated this very cool assignment for that purpose. Here’s my first attempt at that song. I wrote it to be loud and carry in street-performing setting, but I played this around 2 AM, so that changed the dynamic.

Also, this is audio extracted from a video, which I posted

Hard to know, but I wonder how playing for a video, as opposed to a voice memo, affected what I did, even though the final form is essentially the same.

I think the song needs to be shorter. My instinct is to cut the little verse that begins “I could stay here half awake”. I substituted some IV chords where there’s usually a V at the end of the progression, and I’m ambivalent about them, but leaning toward nope. Would love to hear your thoughts on any element of the song.

Sorry I forgot about the featured instrument! although I’m doing a couple little things on guitar here that I haven’t done before.

Thank you!

Here are the lyrics:

Your roommate’s home

it’s midnight in the municipal parking lot

I’m taking in

your prettiness

and the slow sad music

You ask about the backseat and I throw all the tools and socks in the trunk

I tell you I’ve never done this you tell me you want to kiss my neck

If it’s this good with jeans on what if we shook down the sea from the sky

If it’s this good with jeans on baby I’m scared to death of dying


It’s Sunday night

I’m pacing around the municipal parking lot

I’m taking in

your monotone

icicle in my gut

spit my tears and ask you once

let our history begin with us

goodnight there’s no substitute

for holding you for holding you


if it hurts this bad with jeans on

what if we shook down the sea from the sky


I could stay here half-awake

kissing your shoulder

till evening rises over us

till you tell me you’ve had enough


if it’s this good with jeans on we just might shake down the sea from the sky


dry cleaning

so I can

take you out

take you out


Looking for feedback on



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Z March 30, 2023 2:19pm (edited)

Love how the context of the municipal building, the boredom, really makes whats going on emotionally between the characters pop that much more.

I think “shorter” would be a fruitful instinct to follow in the context of a show’s intro. However this feels to me more like something that belongs in DC or Sam Pearce’s catalogue, in which case it can be as long or as stripped down as needed.

i don’t know much about the show, but if the premise is “sad indie guitar guy” and you’ll be trying out other stuff free of the NCBC parameters, I’d be curious to see what can come of something that provides more contrast. Maybe having someone else sing it? Possibly a female, if you’re going to be playing the lead role? Or a tempo/feel that’s a little more exciting? Maybe no vocal at all? Like what about the feel from “Panic Song” by Greet Death. I say all this because if I’m watching this show, I’m definitely gonna wanna hear some of the main characters music at some point. But if I’ve already heard a very specific tune right in the intro too many times it might undermine the performances reserved for the episodes themselves..

I guess to summarize, I love this as it is, personally want it to be a Sam Pearce/DC track, perhaps performed in one of the episodes itself, and so I think the intro should be in the rock world but it shouldn’t sound like Sad Indie Guitar Guy’s band…

Hope this is helpful, thank you for sharing this!