Neon Chef Book Club is pretty much a fantasy music school—it’s a community that encourages folks to commit to their ideas and brew up some magic.

The club offers concise songwriting and music composition assignments to motivate you to practice bringing ideas across the finish line. Following through can be difficult, and reaching for the trash basket can be easy. Here, we celebrate young work by sharing what we’ve created every two weeks.

Started by a small group of friends in 2014, Neon Chef Book Club has existed underground for years—percolating, undulating. And now, it’s open to the world.

How It Works:

  • Every two weeks, a new assignment is posted on our website
  • Each assignment is made up of three parameters
  • You have two weeks to write, record, and submit your work
  • Listen to the submissions and join your peers in the “discussion”

What Chefs Learn:

  • How parameters breed creativity
  • How to commit to ideas
  • To enjoy, not fear, community feedback
  • To explore new ways to write

Required Reading:

  • Join the discussion! Providing and receiving feedback is a huge part of our mission. This is less a platform for brand development and more a safe space for artistic growth.
  • Take risks. This is about stretching your imagination and bringing ideas across the finish line. This is about whippin’ up magic.
  • Artists of all stripes are welcome. Whether you’ve always wanted to give writing and recording music a try or you have a trash bag full of Grammys—you’re a chef.
  • Recordings of any quality are welcome. Voice memos, laptop demos, studio sessions and anywhere between.
  • Think of this as a resource. Participate as often as you like or whenever you’re in need of a little creative refreshment.
  • Send us your ideas for assignments here. You’ll be notified before one of your assignments is published.

Thank you for being here, chef. Let’s get cookin’.