Robert Kittens

  • Submitted on time! Mar 26, 2023
Screen Dream

I do live in the country, and there is a bobcat that chills in/on/around my barn, but I am yet to catch him playing harmonica. And lol, was much harder to learn and play harmonica than I thought, so mostly stuck to one note.


I awoke to the howlin’ of some country dogs sounding a little off the rocker

so I flipped on a light just to peek outside, and what I saw was something of a shocker.

A funky flow and a neon glow through the cracks of my old barn door.

So I went on over, and to my surprise, there was a bar and a band and a dance floor.

Through the tumbleweed smoke I saw a humble tweed coat with a paw sticking out of each arm.

Through his fangs he played a mean tin sandwich, but I could tell he didn’t mean no harm 😉

At a break in the tune I asked a drunk raccoon, if he knew the wild cat on stage and he said, “There right that is the coolest Bob Cat, and he goes by the name…”

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Robert Kittens

Looking for feedback on

any ideas for the pilot episode?


Rmal October 10, 2023 12:02pm

I wanna hear more in this vocal range. You’re a closet country cowboy. Come on out, this is a safe space. Flush this kitty out and get her on Spotify.

Ben April 7, 2023 10:40am

is this the first ncbc submission tagged jazz or funk?

lol this is great and funny, and CLEAN – both fairly familyfriendly wise, and just not a single grain of dirt anywhere to be found on the recording, i guess besides the honky clav and harmonica. You got Ballito over here, with the spiders and meat (spider meat?), and then you got Robert over here on a nickelodeon marathon every saturday morning.

Ryan April 3, 2023 5:08pm

This is absolutely hilarious. It also came on so, SO loud on my speakers for some reason (maybe following a quieter submission) and I was assaulted by it, making it even funnier.

I can easily picture a young Ryan Kershaw looking forward to hearing “Mmm, what the hell’s goin on?” getting a proper thrill from having heard the word ‘hell’ and being like “oh SHIT I better get my pop tart outta the toaster because my favorite show about a cigar-smokin’ barn cat jazzman is on.”

Z March 29, 2023 7:22pm

I’d tap SickAnimation for the video😂.

This is great, so easy and fun to follow, all the parts are so deliberate and clear, the lyrics are perfecto – thanks for putting tin sandwich in my “I look forward to forcing this expression into an ordinary conversation” jar.

Huge shout out to the emotional arc of the narrator – he starts off so grumpy and skeptical and then he just gives in to the groove, I can him rolling his shoulders and crossings his arms and bouncing when we get to “tumbleweed smoke/humble tweed coat.” Wild rhyme.

at the end you arrive at the “Robert kittens” refrain and it feels like the narrator is no longer the focal point but an audience member and you feel like you’ve been brought to the show too, so cool!

Biggest curiosity – that vocal is so clear and present and there’s so much bass in it! Can you share with the class a bit about how you got that sound?

nick April 3, 2023 12:45pm

can’t tell you how glad i was to come across tin sandwich. was intimated by the corniness of it all, wasn’t sure how much to lean into the rappy nature of the lyric sheet. Landed on a balance of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Snake Farm.

and sheesh thank you about vocals, but it’s always a guessing game on my end. Recorded with the Rode NT1 condenser microphone. Started with the “Tube Vocal” preset on Logic, then on the Pedalboard I took off the Tube Burner and added the SQUASH compressor and Tru Tape delay. A little fussing later and there you have it.

daeclan March 27, 2023 8:14pm

okay i am loving the wild animal energy that seems to be coming through on some of these submissions. i feel the barn energy. i see the glow. i smell the barn bar air, drunk animal stink.

really diggin the cinematic storytelling here, could see the lyrics animated for sure. instrumental gives me 70s the doors energy, and i thought the harmonica was a vocoder until i read your description so kudos on making it sound human & dynamic even w one note!

pilot pitch: robert kitten finds his tumbleweed is laced with pcp & has to track down his dealer, for justice

nick April 3, 2023 12:30pm

right and i just barely show a bit of promise in my detective assistance that Robert offers me a shred of approval which i devour. realizing that Robert may be the cat of (@nick)