1. Does it cost anything to join Neon Chef Book Club?

Nope! All you need is an email address and poof, you’re a chef.

2. How often are new assignments posted?

When we’re “in session”, a new assignment is posted on the homepage every three weeks, right after the week of discussion for the previous assignment. 

3. Can you submit to an assignment late?

Oui, chef! We encourage all chefs to try to complete the assignment within the allotted two weeks because this project is partially an exercise in learning to complete your work. But you can always click ‘view full assignment’ on any past assignment, and then submit your work there!

4. I’m not an experienced songwriter or composer. Is NCBC still a good place for me?

Yep! If you have any interest in working on your songwriting, music composition or recording skills, NCBC is a great resource for you. Chefs of all experience levels have a home here—think of this as a helpful starting point to work on whatever you’d like.

5. Can I sign up just as a listener?

We’d be happy to have you here, even if you’re just interested in listening! You don’t need to register in order to listen, but if you’d like to make a profile in order to participate in the discussion, you’re quite welcome.

6. Do I have to participate in the discussion?

Oui, chef! Look—we’re not going to call the authorities, but NCBC is all about community. The goal is for everyone to be in the same boat—three parameters, two weeks to write, record and submit—and then everyone gets feedback on their work. The discussion is where every chef learns what others hear in their work.

7. What kind of feedback does one receive on NCBC?

All kinds! Upon uploading your submission to an assignment, you can actually call out what you’re looking to receive feedback on. “What do you think of the piano parts?”, “Should I record my vocals differently?” and “Do you think the meowing cat sample is too much?” are all valid questions. We want every participant to be able to receive the specific feedback they most value.

8. I don’t have much of a home recording set-up. Should I still submit work to NCBC?

Heck yes! Voice memos, laptop demos, studio sessions and everywhere in between are welcome. Some of our favorite submissions of all time have been voice memos. You may notice some assignments require a bit more technology than others—we suggest seeing it as an opportunity to either get creative or dive into that part of your craft a bit more than you previously have! If you’re considering getting started with intermediate/advanced at-home recording, we suggest looking into Logic Pro X. It’s $199 and completely professional grade yet easy to use. Feel free to send us an email if you want tips on what gear you’ll need in order to get started. Once you’re set up, YouTube tutorials become your gateway to recording freedom.

9. I fell off my bicycle this morning. Am I okay?

Oo, we’re sorry to hear that. You’re probably okay, but if you got any scrapes, make sure you wash them with soap and water. Get back out there tomorrow. 

10. Can you submit more than once per assignment?

You may! We think it’s plenty challenging to complete just one piece in the allotted two weeks per assignment, but if the muse has graced you with a musical bounty you simply cannot ignore, by all means, share!

11. I have an idea for an assignment. Can I send it in?

Ouiiii, chef! In the top right corner of our website, you’ll notice a dropdown menu where you can edit your profile. There, you can also propose an assignment. We generate most of our assignments from user-submitted ideas. Please note your assignment may change slightly, as we are always working to provide the clearest possible parameters. 

12. This FAQ didn’t answer my question and I’m pretty upset. I mean, I had a good time reading this so I don’t feel like I wasted my time necessarily, but I do wish you’d addressed my specific concern. Help?

Y’know—we figured we missed something. Click here and let us know what’s on your mind.