Almost Lost You

  • Submitted on time! Mar 13, 2024
Mostly Melody

Had never thought about what a chord progression actually is before this assignment. Like, if a chord shows up more than once in a four-chord progression, is it still a four-chord progression? Can you have a four-chord progression where those chords show up in different places in two subsequent cycles?

Anyhow, my progression is below. Note: the chord names look more expensive than the chords actually are. I’m just pedaling an inverted D major up top and then changing the bass note (plus one other note on the third chord). The cycles are the same length, but in the second cycle, I go back to the G for the third chord and then the Bm to A turnaround is half the length that it is in the first cycle.

Gmaj7sus2 | A6sus4 | Bm7sharp5 | A7sus4

Gmaj7sus2 | A6sus4 | Gmaj7sus2 | Bm | A7sus4

Anyhow. Did I break the rules? Tough to say. My take is that it doesn’t matter, because I tried to follow both the rules and what the song wanted. And I think that’s the whole dang purpose of this great big NCBC experiment.

The thing I appreciated most about this assignment was the challenge of writing such distinct melodies. I think it led to one of my strongest choruses maybe ever? Also—kind of interesting that “no effects” started feeling like an intentional style as I was working on this. Made me hear my voice differently and think about group singing differently. @zoya on background vox!


Almost Lost You

I climbed the wall inside you,

fell off and into the yard.

Landed in the cuttings

you cast off.


You caught me on the corner,

drawing and erasing a line.

Asked if I could do both

at the same time.


And I won’t lie

I almost took that chance–

To run and hide

and wait it out.

And I know I

I almost lost you then.

But always knew

I’d turn around.


Alone in the early morning,

walking the winding path.

Circling my own place

in your past.


Feel like I open sideways,

a little always falling to the ground.

Picking up the names

of what I’ve found.


Looking for feedback on

Does the conceit of the song (lyrically) come across? Any tweaks to the melodies you'd propose? What is a chord progression?


Il Duce March 29, 2024 8:49am

Great harmonies, great guitar sounds. Is that a B bender or a whammy I hear?

Ryan March 29, 2024 11:21am

Thanks! Just a tremolo bar, yep!

stonewindow March 24, 2024 6:24pm

Beautiful song. Nice harmonies. Love the guitar licks. You do know what a progression is….

alechutson March 24, 2024 2:48pm

I also found myself philosophizing on what defined a chord progression… If you repeat or extend parts of sections is that still the same progression? If you change the quality of the chord is that still the same progression? If you reharmonize with the bass, or sing something in a different scale?

Very lovely song, I think you nailed it on this one. Loved the octave vocals, minimal percussion. Felt like something I would like to listen to while driving into the sunset.

nick March 23, 2024 9:53am

I think I have to start with a kudos shoutout to @@zoya for some sweet and savory and umami background vox. The melody throughout the chorus needs nothing else. What’s a chord progression? A progression of chords. Tweaks to the melody? Mayyybe just simplifying a few of the more wordy phrases “a little always falling to the ground” and things in that spot earlier… maybe I just want a little dynamic variety throughout those phrases to sink them into the groove a bit more. Nice work, you two.

Carseat March 18, 2024 9:16am

That chorus melody is Butter. Love the country-folk twist. And I agree — the interpretation between the assignment and what the song wanted created such a happy lil tune.