Your Discretion

  • Submitted on time! Mar 17, 2024
Mostly Melody

OK sooo I bent the parameters a tiny bit –

I finished writing this while away from home and settled for recording live in one take on my phone mic. I wanted to lean a bit further into the DIY/retro feel, so I used just the slightest amount of Retro Color on the master.

Aside from that, I stuck to my 4 chord progression throughout the song, though I chose some moments to extend/loop pieces of the progression to give the sections some breathing room. I’ve been playing Elliot Smith’s Between the Bars (which is played in D standard) so I decided to keep my guitar tuned down for this one for the vibes.

I wrote the song about having difficult conversations even though it’s easier to avoid them. Enjoy!


Images and fantasy
Saturation, false impressions
File away integrity…
Strip us of our misdirection

Can we let this candle
Melt away the winter?

Temperament for all to see
Eyes and cameras all around
Smile for all eternity
Push emotions underground

I imagine all those
People live in shadow

I pull it out
From underground
I’ll leave it up
To your discretion
To your discretion

Let it crumble, let it grow
Into someone they forgot
Lived inside you long ago
Made you feel what you could not

I remember fires
Burning under water

I push it up
From underground
It all comes down
To your intention
To your intention

We take the moment,
Let it fly

I pull it up
From underground
I’ll leave it up
To your discretion
To your discretion

Looking for feedback on

Did I use the word "discretion" too much? I feel like it's losing it's meaning. Discretion. Discression. D'screshon.


Ryan March 29, 2024 11:32am

Alec this is awesome. Great chord choices. Such satisfying tensions and resolves in the melodies. Other than Carseat’s callout, I think you’ve got yourself something quite special here.

stonewindow March 24, 2024 6:32pm

I think you nailed this one. Simple and powerful. I like your guitar voicings.

nick March 23, 2024 10:36am

Ehhh I think this is a pretty great example of adhering to the parameters. I love the progression, especially the resolve of that third chord. In regards to saying discretion too often, I don’t know what the answer is, but I wouldn’t ignore your compulsion to adjust it somehow, however creatively. Great melodies, well done!

Carseat March 18, 2024 3:00pm

Love the darker timbre of this one. I think a word swap on “discretion”, when deliberate, would hit. A Fiona Apple move for sure.

Ryan March 29, 2024 11:31am

Yes! Love this idea. “Intention” or “connection” showing up at some point would hit hard.