• Mar 26, 2023
Screen Dream

Introducing the heroically hydrated and copyright-safe AGUAMAN.

Had a lot of fun with this one, especially the instrumental section made to create space for all the zoom-in freeze-frame credits.

Main instrument feature I’d never employed is abusive use of orchestra stabs, chopped and screwed from Logic’s loop library. I’d intended to feature vibraslap, bullwhips, jaw harps, dobros and so on, but alas ran out of time, which is probably for the best.

In the TV world, I imagine you’d create a full version of a song, and then pare down for the intro. I kinda split my intention halfway through the process and wasn’t sure whether to keep it super condensed or make it a whole song, so I ended up somewhere in the middle. There’s comedy in bringing back the chorus crashing in one last time, or subtle redemption narrative lyrics that pair conceptually well with water, PG suggestions about where all that water he drinks eventually goes (Kryptonite detected)… guess it depends on what Adult Swim says.

In any case – stay hydrated and keep er goin’ y’all!

Looking for feedback on

Does one need to be beaten harder over the head with the fact that he just drinks water?


nick April 13, 2023 11:56am

What a home run! You’ve really excelled with drum programming. Immediately hooked, and that’s what the networks want ya know?? this thing’s gonna sell. Love the bridge—totally imagine us seeing AGUAMAN emerging from the ocean like a submarine, trident outstretched, wink to the camera. Really great stuff.

Ryan March 30, 2023 10:19am (edited)

Jeeeeeeeeesus, yes. Somewhere between Petite Feet and Indiana Jones lies true bliss.

Moments of unbridled genius that I’d like to highlight:

The cymbal wash heading into the instrumental section. Unbelievably perfect.

Strings joining instrumental section. Actually moving. What a MELODY!

Isolated kit moment following the instrumental—this would be who accepts the Grammy and gives the speech

Vocal obliteration on “plan”

Every single brass part

Every single guitar tone

This theme is so good that I finally understand what Robin and Kyle mean when they say they catch zero lyrics on their first ten listens. I cannot stop listening to this. No notes.

daeclan March 27, 2023 9:47pm

oh man this cooks. the intro is bombastic & the orchestra hits are inspired. loving the strings ~0:50, too. twang fits well, this feels like a southern california super hero and i bet he has an absolute ton of sex. that is probably what he needs hydration for now that i think about it. but i mean, if he has strong discipline maybe he practices retention idk ok i am spiraling great work here man, what joy

Ben March 26, 2023 8:03pm (edited)

Best thing you’ve submitted so far I think. So hilarious (and tight as hell) The intro is so good. Big “1985” by Bo Burnham energy (from the Inside Outtakes).

Seriously well done. The orchestra stabs are pretty great too.