Hard To Say It

  • Submitted on time! Oct 22, 2023

Lyric: “Not too young to know” from Nat King Cole’s “Too Young

Melody: I took that iconic guitar line in the chorus of Cher’s “Believe” for the beginning of my vocal melody.

Vibe: You guessed it… Lifehouse’s “Hanging by a Moment

I had a completely different final draft last night at 10pm when I decided to incorporate less of the lyrics and melodies from the songs I was using, and lean more into the “original” part of the parameter, though it would mean a much shorter product. Had to switch my vibe from The Beatles to Lifehouse, which is a huge win in my book. Happy to submit this piece. What a brain teaser this assignment was, sheesh!


We’re not too young,

Too young to know

When it’s time to go.

Listen to your heart

And your good friends, too.

When she says “it’s hard to say it”

You know it’s true.

Looking for feedback on

Curious how you interpret the lyrics of this one.


Rmal November 12, 2023 6:30pm

What a cool vibe. I had a couple of false starts trying to manage the challenge. But this sounds so good in original and cool. I’m amazed by the folks that do this on the site. Well done Nick. Were there a couple of really interesting notes at the very end of the fade out?

nick November 28, 2023 10:33am

hey thanks rick. yeah a lot of amazing folks indeed. In regards to the interesting notes, I think it may just be that ghost-traily bendy note over the chords resulting in a sort of Gmin6. Give that thing a whirl.

Ben November 1, 2023 11:41am

ok, so a couple weeks have passed. curious about how *you* interpret the lyrics

nick November 2, 2023 10:43am

the lyrics were pretty much a stream of consciousness about someone i’m a few degrees separated from. I’ll roughly say it’s about a rocky relationship, and a friend’s advice along the way.

Ben October 25, 2023 3:16pm

fond memories of playing cher with you.

im really trying to think about the lyrics. They’re kind of less specific that your usual lyricism. Monosyllabic words, short words, words that can be interpreted a few dif ways. Makes the song sadder somehow, almost like it’s hard to sing it.

could interpret it as a break-uppy song

or a song about moving

or a song about changing something major in your life

nurphgun October 24, 2023 10:31am (edited)

Sadly I wasn’t able to complete this assignment but in the 15 mins I spent considering it, I was going to use the melody from Hanging by a Moment. That song rules. A lesser musician would have run screaming from this vibe but I agree, big win here. The lyrics: I interpret them as a gentle encouragement to accept and not run from difficult truths.