• Submitted on time! Mar 17, 2024
Mostly Melody

Limited on time this week, so I had to start with an old, unfinished, never-recorded idea that fit right in with this week’s prompt. I chose to voice the chords differently for the different sections, but the Fm – Eb – Dbmaj7 backbone stays constant throughout.

The unfiltered, effectless constraint sent me straight to my acoustic guitar for this one. I felt like the raw, single vocal track was all that was needed.

Also just gotta shout out the extra angsty part always feels like some sort of Staind breakdown to me. So thanks to Aaron Lewis for the inspiration for that.




When I woke up

I couldn’t see the world come down

When I reached out

I couldn’t feel you movin’ round

I let you in

So you could see yourself right out

My voice will call

My ears’ll never hear your sound


Well it was true from the time we met

That our sun was doomed to set

And though it scarred us, it hurt so bad

It was the best thing that we had


But all I knew

Was that I loved you

Gunner you shot me through


When you were hurt, I couldn’t sleep

5AM on the phone in the cold all alone

With my head

In my hands


My heart in my throat

As you’d berate me from your throne

And I begged you, from my knees

Said you were all I’d need


And on those nights all I could do

Was try to make it through

Gunner what was I to do?


And all I’d say

Was that we’d make it day

Gunner your sights turned so gray 


Interlude Part


And you hurt me so bad that I can’t even cry

Because I can’t comprehend who you are if I tried

And it doesn’t make sense on these nights all alone 

Cuz I ain’t heard your voice since we hung up the phone


Your words twist and divide

Pernicious death of my pride


And all I could be, be

Was what you wanted to see

Gunner please set me free


I’m still learning to breathe

Healing holes you shot in me

Gunner our dreams fell like leaves


And I wish I could say

You never loved me anyway

Gunner there’s nothing more to say

Looking for feedback on

I didn't fiddle much at all with the EQ and compression, so any suggestions you have there would be good. I'm open to feedback on vocal technique, lyrics, and overall form to possibly make this tighter.


alechutson March 24, 2024 3:25pm

Very nice – takes me back to early 2010’s vibes. I think your lyrics, guitar playing and singing are quite effective. If I had to make a suggestion on your vocal delivery I would say to focus on consistent breath support – there were a few spots where I felt like your time was wavering because you were running out of breath. But in general, just keep playing and writing and singing 💪

Carseat March 18, 2024 3:19pm

I dig it! Your voice is quite lovely. I think your mix could benefit from a bit less low-mids in the guitar — when your voice gets more intense, having the brighter tone will help it rise with you. And if there’s aaaaany way you can quikly snatch a pick for those sections too, those chords could really ring.

alechutson March 24, 2024 3:21pm

I agree on the mids/lows of the guitar — it gets a little boomy towards the end of the chorus in particular.