• Submitted on time! Feb 23, 2024
Dream Weaver

I had a lot of fun finding synth noises and textures for this one. Unfortunately I have no reference for how the mix is sounding, as I have been mixing on earbuds this week while traveling.

This ended up being about a jumbled dream I never had (but easily could have.)

The interweaving musical elements are in the chorus – bass synth and lead vocals.

Also features one very unrefined improvised guitar solo and a whole slew of largely improvised lyrics.



I wonder why the stars look very different tonight?
I can feel the way they’re looking at my eyes
And I wish I could convey what they were saying,
But every time I close my eyes, I lose the light

Walking forward, slowly turning
Everybody’s here
I couldn’t even tell you to,
I follow everything you do
Would you be mine?

Can you feel me now?

I’m gathering up my time
I’ll be fine
I’m gathering up my time
I’ll be fine

This is what they mean when there’s a ghost in the machine
I can dance like I know the way to feel
You hardly ever turn me down
A smile or a nervous frown
I wanna be mine,

Can you see me now?

I’m gathering up my time
I’ll be fine
I’m gathering up my time
I’ll be fine

Looking for feedback on



Rmal March 4, 2024 8:07pm

Great production. Feels round and full. Love the complimentary beats and strong bass line. The synth at 1:50 is very cool. The solo is unexpected and a great compliment to the solid rhythm.

juliapiker March 2, 2024 2:53pm

Dude i LOVE. The synth stuff going on here it is so cool. I think its really cool against the guitar. That sort of organic/non-organic space always tickles me. Intro feels like the beginning of a Black Mirror episode. I would actually strip some of the verb off your voice! I do wonder if it would be cool for “Gathering Up My time” segment being more of a drop out moment production moment-with maybe a doubled vocal dryer and more upfront. Its SUCH a cool chorus. I think the whistle is a really nice touch as well. An extra little spicy element.

Ryan March 2, 2024 12:30pm

Alec this is dope as hell. Definitely top 3 AH NCBC subs for me. As mentioned by some others, this particular combination of synths and the acoustics sounds so good. It’s that sweet spot of being purposely juxtaposed but naturally fitted. Vocal phrasing is fantastic. Makes the song sound like it was always written.

Also shout out to the synth part in the chorus, don’t believe that’s been mentioned yet. That’s a super clever way to arrange that section. And I love the sound. Only thing I found myself wanting was a harmony in the chorus the whole time—or like, something that makes it even more heeeeeere’s the chorus! I guess I’m picturing a harmony because the current vocal is in the same register as the verse and so there isn’t a natural shelfing up into the chorus feeling. Maybe even doubling or tripling and effecting the current vocal would achieve what I’m looking for.

nick March 2, 2024 9:30am

Well this is frickin neat. Really so cool. Masterful vocal phrasing. I feel like it’s heading in a sort of Phantogram-ish direction, which is working really, and is a bit uncommon for you? I’d love to hear it pushed even further in that direction—maybe some glitchy samples woven throughout? Maybe some more effects on the vocals? I have some other comment’s aligned with @@Ben ‘s thoughts, and will put them there. Incredible submission dude!

EliasSZ February 29, 2024 7:09pm

Really enjoyed the interplay between the hard-panned acoustics and the more-centered arpeggiator at the top and when it comes back. They create a really nice effect, particularly the way the constant movement of the arpeggiator makes the moments of pause in the acoustic guitar/bass in the verses feel even tighter.

That synth sound in the chorus is sooo dirrtyy, I love it. The drums throughout are really effective, but I really felt them in the chorus.

Ryan March 2, 2024 12:25pm

Yeahhhhh that interplay between the organic wide-panned acoustics and that straight-up-the-middle synth bubbler is so good.

Ben February 26, 2024 2:43pm

I know that whistle. Way to use it as a instrument layer that tows the line between pad and lead, but sits in the background. Usually whistles, like in my song this week, and in many of your tunes serve as melodic leads in place of vocals, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But this is a cool use of whistling.

This is a very you song. Except for that synth voice. That’s a new and welcome addition to your scape. I love when the band drops out and the bubbly synth can ring out alone. There’s some Hiatus Kaiyote Breathing Underwater happening here a little.

Great track dude. This song slots in well to your latest musical era (Would you say were all living in AH v4.0 these days? v3.0? v5.0? v3.1?).

Love the stereo panned acoustic guitars. Great thumping-bass-from-nearby-car in the intro. And always a sucker for that anticipated beat that the guitars happen on. Love the calmness/laziness that happens in this song – the “I’ll be fine” section is great because that synth tone is often used in some hard hitting rave music, but you have a chill, slow, gentle vocal performance over it, with minimal other instruments. Good work there.

Love this. Is there a way to thicken up the vocals a little? They seem a little small and narrow compared to the rest of the mix I think? A little rhythmic tweaking might be needed (listen to the guitars + bass + drums around 0:25 and you might hear a little bit of asynchronicity that takes me out of the vibe a little). Other than that, I have a feeling I might hear this track in a future album. Hopefully.

nick March 2, 2024 9:33am

I agree with both of those suggestions at the end. If I were producing this, the first thing I would do is chop up the acoustic guitar track and align it directly with the drum track. I would actually emphasize the edited nature of it instead of trying to make it sound naturally played. Then I would widen the vocal and begin futzing around with additional effects, some throughout, and some momentarily. I’ll say this once more, too—killer track.

Ben February 26, 2024 12:34pm

Yo, is that a theremin?! This song is excellent—I really like the combination of acoustic and electric instruments—they’re really integrated and cohesive. I wouldn’t change a thing.

alechutson February 26, 2024 1:05pm

The theremin is me whistling! 😗 Thank you, glad it works for you 🙏

Carseat February 26, 2024 11:15am

YO. I love this. So wiggly. Recommend listening while doing the dishes.

alechutson February 26, 2024 1:06pm

Dish wiggling is where it’s at 🪱🍽️

stonewindow February 26, 2024 4:21pm

Great song. Definitely has a dream like vibe. The chorus is cycling in my head as I write. Don’t know enough about recording to give any input.