Works Well

  • Submitted on time! Aug 2, 2020
Word Warps

Whenever we want
Whatever works well

Said it’s what we wanted, yeah?

All night
Guess we went with what we have?

Well we went with what we went with?

Whenever we want
Whatever works well


This is more of a meditation/exercise/workinprogress/proofofconcept than a song but hey.

I’d definitely do some drum edits tonally and composition-wise. I’m having fun playing bass. And using a pick. Fun with words, fun with playing loud & clean guitar, fun with using my Focusrite ISA One pre amp one last time before I mail it back to my friend who I’ve been extremely-long-term borrowing it from since literally before Obama’s reelection.

I did that classic thing where I’m vibing with some chords in one time signature/feel and I experimented/messed up with something and everything shifted and the feel was completely changed and I was like “ooooh duuuuudeeee, keep it like thattt, siiick!” So I kept it shifted and wrote the song around that feel.


Looking for feedback on

One day I'll sing clearly so the lyrics are easily discernible. Today is not that day, but it'll be soon. I didnt end up arranging or editing the form, but i do like how there isnt any part that isnt an alliteration. Looking for thoughts on: production, performance, feel, chord progression/writing, how a full version of this song should be arranged


nick August 12, 2020 10:11am

this is really cool detour from your normal stuff (not that I don’t love your normal stuff). still very much feels like you, but the chord progression and rhythm create a new emotional space. a little less straightforward, more wandering, less tangerine, more dark lagoon. great vocal melody over those chords. mix wise, I just think the guitars could recede a bit, and the drums could maybe come a little closer and feel a little fuller/wider.

Ryan August 6, 2020 12:43pm

Big dig on how subtle the guitar hook is—just four notes. S’all ya need, baby. Also really love the patience of the intro. All kinds of restraint shown here. This is the type of tune I actually don’t mind the foggy vocals on. Everything’s sparse enough that it makes sense to me.

Only thing I want more out of is the drum kit. More presence, body, etc. I think the guitars are the dynamic leaders, which is super cool, but this “drummer” would’ve definitely been hitting a bit harder based on what the guitar players are up to. That make sense?

“Well we went with what we went with” is probably my favorite (and longest) alliterative lyric ever. So good!

Ben August 7, 2020 9:44am

Yeah that makes total sense. It was also a challenge writing/programming these drums with the guitar being in 9/8(?) and the drums being kind of 4 on the floor. The only really real variations I got away with are like 2 tiny snare fills and a couple kick drum flutters because anything else was hurting the groove. But absolutely yes, I think some more tonal meat in the drums might have been a good idea.

alechutson August 6, 2020 11:20am

“ooooh duuuuudeeee, keep it like thattt, siiick!” I imagined Craig saying this and lol’d.

Great guitar work on this, subtle and on point. I don’t mind the fact that your lyrics aren’t really discernible tbh. Typically I think I would want more variation in the chords, but this piece feels like a meditation on a concept and I appreciate it for that.

Ben August 7, 2020 9:40am

Thanks. SIIICK DuuUDEeeEEeeeE. Yeah, I tried to arrange this more (there was a bridge etc), but a. pressed for time, didnt want to do an arrangement i wasn’t in love with, and b. ended up liking the repetition.

Carseat August 3, 2020 8:25am

I love the fact that everything is alliterated — is that a word? I like the meditative state of the guitar. I would be suuuuuch a sucker for a long-tone lead guitar at some points of this song, too. Niiiiiice.

Ben August 3, 2020 9:04am

Thanks! Ya know, I HAD a long-tone guitar melody lead that came in before and after the vocals, but I ended up ditching it because I couldn’t find a good tone. I very well might come back to this tune later.

kurds August 2, 2020 9:50pm

Love the lead in on this song. Beautiful tones, really gave me some Broken Social Scene vibes. (And this time I’m talking about your song, @@Ben!)

Ben August 7, 2020 9:41am