Old Young Guys

  • Submitted on time! Oct 22, 2023

Guess the melody.

Guess the lyric.

The vibe is taken from Hold On I’m Comin’ by Sam and Dave, which I remember was blasting on the jukebox when I walked into the bar i got covid at two weeks ago. The vibe is the biggest stretch (it sounds more like that genre than that song), but the melody snippet and lyric snippet are concrete. It was fun realizing how much the song I pulled the melody from actually kind of sounds like the genre i pulled the vibe from.

This is the first NCBC song I’ve played analogue drums on and i had a blast.

My song’s about these old young guys i keep seeing. Sometimes when I meet someone, I struggle to understand how old they are. And sometimes if I learn how old they are, i struggle to understand what that age even means.

@nurphgun on the background vocals.

Looking for feedback on

What's goin on with these old young guys? How's my mix, how's my singing, how's my playing, how's the song? It's rough around the edges but that's the point here. Most importantly, when I mention Neal, do you automatically think Neal is Bill, or that I'm making a mistake and mean to be referring to Bill? Well, I say "Neal" and mean to say "Neal."


Ryan November 3, 2023 2:16pm

This is fun as hell haha. What a great premise for a tune. And the playing really sounds like the premise, which I think is an underrated challenge. Great drumming, great piano work. Is that you, you dirty dog?! Honestly, great guitars too. Lots of little bits joining the orbit and playing with each other in a way that really feels like a live band. @@nurphgunsounds great too! This rules.

I think my major mix call-out would be that the lead vocal sounds a little trebly. Would love for it to be a bit warmer—which I also think would benefit the raspy, vintage-y performance.

Ben November 3, 2023 3:14pm (edited)

yep, thats me on the 🎹, somehow

Ben November 3, 2023 3:14pm

thanks. and yeah. totally agree about the trebly voice. it could also come down a db or two

nurphgun November 3, 2023 11:54am (edited)

Listening again. This is your best singing – technically and performance-wise. I love that you didn’t hold back at all. It’s such a good range for you. You sound like Paul.