Willow will you wallow with me

  • Submitted on time! Aug 2, 2020
Word Warps

Willow will you wallow with me

1) Alice free wrote alliterative lyrics
2) I made a cool melody from a verse of Willowy nonsense
3) Realized I didn’t have XLR’s in NH…
4) Went to walmart to get a mini usb connector so zoom H6 could be DAC
5) It didn’t work
6) tried to multitrack & overdub will moving a memory card back and forth….
7) made a jnaky beat and gave up
8) improvised with Alice

Prognosis: the ideas are cool; balance is okay, it was very fun to sing with Alice
–pentatonic melody and harmony sort of dorian (f#- and B). Could choose choice consonances commencing coined phrases (lol) but we got 1.5 I think.
–oops its 9pm

Also I applied to grad school this week so that was a very sudden four days. Wish I had been more deliberate and multi-tracked (once again!) Someday I will figure out how to.

Looking for feedback on

Suggestions on drafting process? How do the sections flow together? What do you like about it? What should I like about it? What does it want to be next-level of well-structured? LOL SAME AS LAST WEEK


alechutson August 6, 2020 11:39am

Hey dude! This seems like a great meditation and exploration of a concept. Your piano playing is on point as per usual. I would move forward with this by listening back to this recording and picking out the moments that worked best, then building off of that. I would love to hear more lyrics and intention with how you and Alice are interweaving.

nick August 7, 2020 11:50am

Totally agree with this. Would love to see which of these pieces you’d want to pursue. The new chord at 1:00 is a great move from the intro. Also, great job following the second parameter. The marriage of the main refrain and the piano part is an inspirational one 💕

Carseat August 3, 2020 8:33am

The simplicity of the refrain and the complexity to which you stem from it with the harmonies [and how they interact] are so so fun to listen to.