Little Rock

  • Feb 4, 2024
Meteor Shower at the Motel

This is written from the perspective of the meteors (which are not always falling stars and can also be bits of dust and other star detritus, I learned this weekend ((shoutout Mateus)). They get so close to Earth and so rarely get to land here.

I’m just learning how songs work and how they can be written. I am trying to start small and build my way up to a song with multiple versus, a bridge, a chorus, the whole thing. For this one I tried to experiment with lyrics and feeling and not being shy about noodling around on the guitar on my own. Shoutout to Ryan for playing guitar(s) on this song and doing everything involving a computer and microphone.

Little Rock

Big ol space

Hurtling down to this place

Oh earth

Matter is

As matter was

Nothing hits

It never does

Oh earth

Down below

Big glass eyes

Peeled against

The brimming skies

Screen door slams

Truck backs up

Little Rock

It won’t give up

Closer now and nearer still

Feeling warm

A little thrill

Oh earth

So close, can feel it now

Looking for feedback on

I couldn't decide if I should put another "So close, can feel it now" in the middle of the track. Decided to end with it for poetic reasons, but it might've needed some other kind of break in the middle in addition to a guitar solo.


EliasSZ February 14, 2024 11:30am

I love the barren feeling of those opening lines, particularly: “Nothing hits | It never does | Oh earth“.

I don’t think you need another “So close, can feel it now”, but I’m often on the side of a song can be short as it wants, if it feels good that short. I think it could be nice longer too, but didn’t feel like it needed it to me. The repetition of “Oh Earth” really works for me throughout the song, as a side note.

danhunt February 10, 2024 7:02pm

This is beautiful!! I love the repetition of “Oh Earth”, which gives a more indirect sentiment of this meteorite yearning to each earth’s surface, compared to the more direct statements of this you have in your very efficient lyrics! But this feeling is so evocative to me, it reminds me of all of our own little worlds and all of our intense strivings. Really lovely piece.

I try to remind myself that song form can be whatever you want it to be–as you experiment more with standard forms, feel free to use them only as they serve the art. Creating something more free-form as a vessel for your poetry feels just as valid to me. Thanks for this!

Ben February 7, 2024 9:55am

“The Brimming Skies”

Well done with this. It so concise in multiple ways: 76 seconds long, 3 (?) tracks, 2-3 words per line, yet it makes me feel deeply connected to a chunk of space dust hurling through our atmosphere. In the pasy 48 hours, i’ve been thinking about a comment @@nick left on @@nurphgun‘s latest song about word economy and cutting out the extra unneeded words. and there are none of those here to cut out. This is really well done.

Could be cool with a simple shaker coming in on the “down below” line. And if it were ever to become a bigger or longer arrangement, i’d love to hear the guitar melody come back in at some point, and play over the lyrics.

Ryan February 7, 2024 1:09pm

Funny you should mention the economy. Zoya has an absolute bloodlust for cutting words out of my songs.

stonewindow February 19, 2024 5:30pm

She’s your editor and chief

nurphgun February 6, 2024 9:42pm (edited)

I love this @@zoya. Beautiful lyrics and expressively performed, you really have a well-defined sound and vibe going already with your singing and songwriting. I love “screen door slams/truck backs up” – so cool to bring the lyrics back down to earth (~literally~) when they’ve been in outer space for the first half of the tune.

Do you know the song Big Dipper by Cracker? One of my faves – it reminds me of this. Not just because of celestial subject matter, but vocal delivery, too.

nick February 5, 2024 12:26pm

this is a delightful little tearjerker. “nothing hits, it never does” fav lyric, and very well sung. i also love how many of the phrases have a spoken rhythmic quality, but then “it won’t give up” has a little hop to it and jumps on the beat. i wouldnt mind repeating the last line once more at the end. in a larger arrangement i could imagine “so close, I can feel it now” kind of weaving throughout the song, but in this little package, saving it for the end ties up the composition very nicely. you’ve got a great voice! count me in as an avid observer of your songwriting journey.

stonewindow February 19, 2024 5:33pm

Love this Zoya! Your phrasing is naturally always so good. That said I think some breaks of strumming could be effective. The simplicity gives rise to the complexity.