Starlite Motel

  • Feb 19, 2024
Meteor Shower at the Motel

I’m late to submit, but shit happens. And I did put some effort and energy into this challenge. It’s good for me to be pushed in this way. Thanks for listening. I did refrain from listening to your submissions while I worked on mine. I’m excited to hear your songs after I submit this one.


At the Starlite Motel
Fields of hay frame the Gunks
Shooting stars dance with fireflies

Short, I struggled with the lyric. I think it became a haiku that broke the rules for number of syllables. I hope I followed the rule for the melody pattern. I forget the exact term given. I spent some time in Palm Desert California during the challenge. I woke up early, 5 am the first morning. It was still mostly dark. The full moon was framed by our balcony, but the lyric references a local motel and a local vibe. Don’t think fireflies are found in the desert. 🌵 I spent some time alone at night in upstate NY freezing temperatures.

Looking for feedback on

Did I get the ascending thing as prescribed? Do the chords and vocals work? I’m working on mixing up the chord voiceings and I’m not sure they always work. work.