• Submitted on time! Apr 21, 2020
Home Body



nurphgun April 22, 2020 8:45pm

This is such a sweet anecdote. It’s a short tune but it says everything. Beautiful <3

Ben April 22, 2020 1:18pm

yo alec. this is already catchy on first listen

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:54pm

thanks Bon 🙂

peter April 22, 2020 4:26pm

totally, i found myself humming along to this as i spaced out during a meeting and was asked to put myself on mute

aubspeeps April 22, 2020 11:59am

this is great i love your voice

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:58pm

thank you!

Ryan April 22, 2020 11:30am

Yep. Into this. Super strong melody and perfect arrangement for it. Bravo on the honest lyrics, too. Really dig them.

alechutson April 22, 2020 3:00pm

thanks ryan, i really appreciate that!

agasthya April 21, 2020 9:20pm

love the scissors (is that what they are??)

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:55pm

Film camera 🙂

froebusiness April 21, 2020 9:20pm

Love it. Really created a smooth and evocative groove with the found percussion. It works for ol’ Joey boy. It works.

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:59pm

oui chef!

daeclan April 21, 2020 9:03pm

this is so nice & warm 🙂

is that a melodica ? inspiring me to dust mine off even if it ain’t. gg wp

nick April 21, 2020 10:44pm

yeah this guy knows his way around a melodica. great sound, alec.

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:59pm

you are correct 🙂 dust off those keys!