imagined friend

  • Submitted on time! Mar 12, 2023
First Words

oooof this was very difficult for me. Here’s what I did:

  • read a week’s worth of poems and extracted lines that I liked
  • frankensteined the lines into its own poem
  • rewrote stuff to make some sense
  • pulled my hair out trying to write music to it until 8pm today and then just decided to share what i have rather than not submit anything

overall i think this turned out ok. but i loved the challenge! lyrics:

hello my old imagined friend

It’s been a lifetime since the end

come and sit down by my side

reminisce on times gon by

Here we are again

turning round

From end to end

Ghostly faces rushing by

passing ships all through the night

here I’ll give you thunder

here ill give rain

Here I’ll give you whispers

whispers of your name

i’ve lived it all

and after all

ill still love you

as i can

Here we are again

turning round

From end to end

come and sit down by my side

reminisce on times gone by

hello my old imagined friend

its good to see you once again

and as the days go rushing by

ill see your light behind my eyes


lines stolen from:

Appalachian Elegy (Sections 1-6)


you are here again

turning slowly

spreading over the hillside

wild roses

here I will give you thunder

shatter your hearts with rain



Ghost-flux of faces that hie

Them endlessly, endlessly by

Malcolm X, February 1965


i will love them

as only i can.

Looking for feedback on

the arrangement feels boring, what should i do


nick March 27, 2023 9:37am

Love the new pic, btw📸

EliasSZ March 24, 2023 9:22am

Just getting a chance to listen now. The beat drop at :45 took me by surprise in a really lovely way. The contrast in styles between the sweet acoustic sound and the more produced drums.

Also, the ‘a capella’ section is really nice (even if the keys are still there for now).

Ben March 15, 2023 6:46pm

I think most of us here agree that this was one of the most challenging assignments yet. And a lot of the submissions seem to be departures for a lot of us. What a refreshing sound you’ve got here.

It’s chill and soft and gentle and pretty, and just as I was getting used to it and getting settled in for a nice sweet acoustic ride, the beat drops (0:46). Still stays chill af but gets a slight edge and attitude to it. I *love* the kick sound and *really love* the rimshot sample. What a great little song. The tension in the chords, vocals, and bass right at 1:23 are amazing.

Excellent outro, too.

I hope to see this song, or some version of it, in a future swelo release. Job well done.

nick March 14, 2023 3:00pm

oh this is wonderful. love this gentler version of your voice. really nice warbly guitar. honestly im hooked all the way through 1:06. Wouldn’t mind going right into the acapella section right there, then maybe looping back to the section where the drums originally enter. and totally dig the outro. i dunno, something like that, but i really like this whole thing, great job.

Ben March 15, 2023 6:47pm

“warbly” is a good description. goes well with the fairly straightforward nonwarbly rhodes. good call not making the rhodes too rhodesy and warbly.

agasthya March 12, 2023 9:32pm (edited)

oops. i forgot to take out the keys in the last verse (stanza?) so no acapella moment 😳.

also lead vocal at 1:06 is way too loud