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  • Submitted on time! Apr 8, 2023
Fifth Element

fever dream okay????

Honestly i was trying to fight these parameters the whole time! I had to re-read them over and over. Okay, create 5 loops, loop the first 4 introducing them one at a time, and then add a fifth. But does that fifth ALSO have to be a loop that is the same length as the others? Or are we riffing over the 4 existing loops. Also, does this mean we can’t manipulate the loops like ducking to make room for the lead line loop? Can we manipulate the existing loops at all after they’ve been introduced? Look, all i’m saying here is that i was challenged, and I thank NCBC for always giving me a reason to scratch my head. Love you guys

Uhhhh, i’m not entirely sure what i did here. This felt like a mid-day mushroom trip on Van Meter Hill (if you know you know). I always fux with vocals so i love to play around with them as a texture ALWAYS. Also for anyone who’s gonna try and KNOCK me for what you’re gonna think you hear as drums. Think again, those sounds were made using a guitar. No drums here. Bing Bong.

That top line I start with is strings, then we got that kind of meh lil bass line, then vox, then guitar scratchy perc, then weird lead line.


Looking for feedback on

is there a better bassline here?


Ben October 7, 2023 7:16pm

wow, im late to the party here. this is all awesome, and i think – youre right – the bassline could potentially be improved. Maybe a little bassier tonally/less plucky, and then be a little less syncopated at a couple sections? That was such a trippy VM hill mushroom trip. Thanks for that.

nick April 13, 2023 12:34pm

Also, was definitely gonna call you out for the drums so geeze am I glad i decided to do my reading

nick April 13, 2023 12:31pm

glad you liked this one, and a great submission. I think with these parameters, if something is not referred to as a loop, then hey, it does not have to be a loop. So yes, the 4 loops had to be loops, but the 5th element could have been anything of any length. Or at least, that’s how I see it. Appreciate your determination to nail the recipe—and you did!

alechutson April 10, 2023 7:25pm

mmm that string loop is tasty. this whole piece feels like a dreamy summer memory.

i think the bass line could be simpler, more intentional. maybe a different tone as well. what if you used the hanz zimmer BWOW noise, lean a bit more into the Inception vibe?

nick April 13, 2023 12:26pm

Lol never knew how to spell that noise

Ryan April 10, 2023 11:54am

Jesus, that first loop is a damn dream. I could listen to it all day. This sounds like a remix of a Washed Out B-side off of Paracosm. I love this.

Re: bassline — yeah, actually, I do think there’s a better option waiting to be found! I think the harmonic territory is dead on, but the rhythmic gestures need work. Too syncopated for its own good, I think. Track feels so damn good to sit in—the bassline should play into that more.

Great work, Juli.