What To Say

  • Submitted on time! Apr 9, 2023
Fifth Element

This was an interesting one for me – I sorta put this one altogether in an evening after sketching out some preliminary ideas over the few days before it (most of which I ended up dropping, honestly). Though the looping aspect of this felt kinda familiar for my writing process, it was hard for me to reconcile the idea of building sections with loops without being able to switch between sections by starting brand new things to loop over. I ran out of time to finish even the rough mix, and I focused more on the sounds I was trying to make. Also didn’t really do any mastering, not that the mixing/mastering is my my strong suit/focus anyway, and know that the mix, particular the bass, is pretty muddy oooops.

My approach to loops had each one sometimes containing multiple elements, but each element within the loop felt intrinsically tied to each other. First loop is built using my Red Panda Tensor pedal – I love using it to make layered, semi-randomized noise collages. It’s actually specifically two separate loops that I made and recorded and then sorta combined in a way that made sense. Second loop is two acoustics layered in either ear. Third loop is bass. 4th loop is an electric guitar part using artificial harmonics and processed pre-recording with my pedal board, primarily the Tensor again and The King of Gear Mini-Glitch pedal (its actual the same part recorded a few times using the Mini-Glitch in slightly different ways and with the Tensor’s randomizer firing slightly different, to give it a little more depth). Then vocals as my fifth element (and the vocals kinda have two lil’ sections)!



I don’t think you know what to say what to say what to say what to say (etc)

I don’t even care I’ll just stay I’ll just stay I’ll just stay I’ll just stay (etc)


And I have known your eyes inside my smile

And I have felt your voice on my tongue

And you have spoke silent words for a while

And I have always sat til it was done


I don’t think you know what to say what to say what to say what to say (etc)

I don’t even care I’ll just stay I’ll just stay I’ll just stay I’ll just stay (etc)


Looking for feedback on

General comments encouraged and welcome as well! Curious what initial reactions are – vibes, aesthetic, etc.


stonewindow October 21, 2023 10:23am

Beautiful. Love the original take.

EliasSZ October 26, 2023 11:40am

Cheers, thank you!

Ben October 7, 2023 7:22pm

I feel like this is your strongest submission. Feels super complete. It’s got the right vibes and production to transcend a songwriting assignment. Love this.

EliasSZ October 8, 2023 2:42pm


Much appreciated, Ben.

alechutson April 10, 2023 6:52pm

i really like the textured strumming of the first couple loops! vibe feels like… wandering in the suburbs at dusk. don’t ask me why 😅

EliasSZ October 8, 2023 2:43pm

love it, honestly makes sense to me

Ryan April 10, 2023 11:42am

Really interesting balance of warmth and unsettledness here. Keeps me on edge in a way that I find pretty engaging. And I’m always a huge fan of the randomness (almost humanness?) of glitchy loops. Only thing is that I wish the piece opened up at some point—a little resolve for all the tension.

EliasSZ October 8, 2023 2:42pm

sometimes i hate resolutions, what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I def can say I love randomness lol