Sleepy Bear

  • May 10, 2020

I tried to write this in the style of an old school lullaby. Simple lyrics. Something you’d sing to a baby. Something like ‘You are My Sunshine’. No over complication. Babies are not that smart.

This one is for my doggy Pasha.

1991 -Using “Black or White/ by Mikey Jackson. I used his verse and chorus melody.

Looking for feedback on

Is that Glock too hot?


Z May 14, 2020 10:28pm

so. many. pun. opportunities. must. resist.

That is a *pure* lullaby, well done.

Tengo May 11, 2020 10:03pm

Love the glock, this makes me want to cuddle with a dog, so mission very much accomplished?

Sam Pearce May 11, 2020 3:08pm

Hi Julia! I like the bookends of “shhh”. Glock sounds right, and it pays off that you took the time to record that moment in stereo, or edit it to that effect. I’m also impressed that you fit two iterations of the melody into this tiny space of a minute (I had a hard time with that), and I think the harmony is just the right amount of “new” for the second time.

nick May 11, 2020 10:55am

Glock is good 4 me.

nurphgun May 10, 2020 8:14pm

This is beautiful. The vocal phrasing is spot-on, and I love how close your voice is. Really admire your discipline in keeping it simple. I’ve always thought of a lullaby as something that yes, is simple enough for babies to understand, but is also simple enough for someone who isn’t a “singer” to sing and have it sound pretty, and I think this song accomplishes both.

nick May 11, 2020 10:54am

Great point about the simplicity to sing—really well accomplished here. It’s funny because as I type this it sounds like it could be a backhanded compliment, but as someone with your range and technical ability, you know what I’m talking about. Writing simple is hard.

Ryan May 10, 2020 7:07pm

I love everything about the piano in this track. Composition, tone, performance—well done. You’re a killer pianist. Voice kills it, too, always. You actually nail what I think I did *not*, which is singing quietly because it makes sense to for this assignment, while still sounding strong! I just sound like I’m struggling for air when I sing like that haha. One matter of opinion: I think if there were only one “shh” it would be more powerful than many. Give Pashito a hug for me.

nick May 11, 2020 10:54am

****the piano**** so sick.