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Home Body
About my song: Here’s how you play it – Caution, it’s expert-level:
Intro: Emajor
Verse 1: Emajor
Post Verse: Emajor
Verse 2: Emajor
Chorus: Emajor
Verse 3: Emajor
Bridge: Emajor
Chorus 3: Emajor
Outro: Emajor
In addition to almost literally everything, I miss Monday night hoops in Boston. Not exactly a “place” place, but it does have a few physical places around town. And it certainly has a physical place in my heart. It kind of represented everything I long for now: Movement and heart-pumping exercise; a time every week to hang with some of my best friends; something to look forward to; somewhere out of the house I could be; an escape from real life; a place to have different kinds of conversations than my normal set of topics; a fairly structured environment and a regularly scheduled activity; a place to meet new people. The list goes on. Fun times. Can’t wait to be back.
Among the nonmusical object samples: the ol ring-on-the-water-glass, and a pump of albuterol. Why, you ask, did I, an asthmatic, waste a precious hit of inhaler during an outbreak of a virus that goes straight for the lungs? For the love of the game. For the love of the game.
For best listening experience, listen on an OontZAngle Bluetooth shower speaker.

Gimme dat, C’mon

I found out bout that run with everyone on a Monday

You forget bout that, what you done, til it’s Sunday

No-one hangs out like we used to when I was 14

I’d trade a mask or two for a game now, cuz they’re done for

So body up and talk shit

I’ll pick you up; we can make it

It didn’t snow at all all year

Just disease and patience (patients?)

Prescription googles, headband, cigs, and

Dangle a stash on our faces (like this)

Like this


We’re talkin.


Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu

Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu

Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu

Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu


Like this


We’re talking





We’re talking


<3 Ben

Looking for feedback on



Sam Pearce April 27, 2020 1:16pm

Yeah! An uplifting jam and also a compelling poem.

Ben July 21, 2020 11:19am

Thanks! Funny thinking of this as a poem!

Tengo April 22, 2020 8:36pm

Looooove that intro! so fresh!

Ben August 4, 2020 3:07pm


nicolemalagodipope April 22, 2020 4:05pm

love the beginning of this track. did an awesome job surrounding us with the court. I love your singing voice, ben!

Ben July 21, 2020 11:21am

i wish i was surrounded by court right now.

thanke youe.

alechutson April 22, 2020 2:50pm

ye ye ye i like your chord structure bb

Ben July 21, 2020 11:21am


Ryan April 22, 2020 11:46am

Haha dude this is awfully fun. Great use of voicings/octaves/fx in the intro to turn that one chord into many. Excellent section variation, too. Also whoa that bridge line whoaaaa doggy funktown

Ben July 21, 2020 11:22am

Sorry I’m realizing now that I forgot to respond to all my feedback. Dont know if i knew i could do that back when this site started. I was hoping someone would enjoy their trip over Funktown Bridge and I’m glad it was you.

Ryan July 21, 2020 1:29pm

Yeah I don’t think you could haha. Also just re-listened to confirm big hot dogfunk—confirmed.

nick April 21, 2020 10:35pm

really love the vocal effecty entrance. gives me a little Prince and a little HAIM. body up and talk shit, man.

Ben July 21, 2020 11:23am

🏀 Totally get that prince vocal funk business with the intro. Thank you. (Sorry for the late reply)

peter April 21, 2020 10:02pm

you sound like a cool person.. asl?

peter April 21, 2020 10:03pm

but really i’m splashing around in this track

Ben July 21, 2020 11:25am

55/m/omaha,nb whatsapp or kik me

froebusiness April 21, 2020 9:35pm

Hi, Ben. Could you please chart this out? Thank you very much. Love, Joe.

Ben April 22, 2020 11:17am


agasthya April 21, 2020 9:29pm

the sneaker squeaks are too good

Ben July 21, 2020 11:26am