Sunrise over the Patagonian Desert

  • Submitted on time! Feb 26, 2023
Earth Tones

Hey chefs!

No, I haven’t seen a sunrise over the Patagonian desert. But short on time and looking for quick inspiration, I knew I wanted to pick somewhere in South America, and I was feeling drawn by the idea of a barren landscape. So I pulled up this picture and got to work. Beyond that, I wanted to use just my Korg Minilogue for this project, forego a metronome altogether, and just build layer upon layer.

I ended up setting some ground rules for myself that I wouldn’t double any parts, and I would only allow myself to use one plug-in per track.

It’s a humble submission for this exercise (shout out Ryan for the great prompt), but I’m excited to have NCBC back in my life and hear what all you beautiful people have cooked up.

Much love,


Looking for feedback on

Thoughts on the timbre of the synth patches, any ideas on how to make them more interesting or mix them in a more engaging way


nick March 8, 2023 11:42am

Yesss i like the sounds. so these are all synths created from that korg? that is cool. i’ve recently been recording my actual organ instead of using software instruments. i like the challenge of having to stick with (roughly) your original sound. neat how each of your synths sound full to begin with, but the entrance of each new synth just widens the perceptive. glad to have you back.

nurphgun March 7, 2023 10:10pm (edited)

Very cool. It’s definitely sunrise-over-a-barren-desert, with some alien stuff mixed in. I don’t really have the language regarding timbre & mixing & such, but since you mentioned it, the synths do stand out a bit? But I don’t know, it’s what creates the cool extraterrestrial vibe. Maybe it just needs something to dampen the overall sound, like a master track with a little reverb?

Sam Pearce March 1, 2023 6:22pm

Hey! I thought this was an inspiring example of what one can do with drones as the backbone of, instead of merely a backdrop to, a piece. I love the phasing (I think?) on the first pitch that seems to intensify as the piece progresses. It like the smallest possible change, one that I would probably never think to use, and it attuned my ears to what other subtle changes might happen next. Then when the melody comes in, I especially like the last pitch. Funky as heck. The timbres are pleasing. They sound like warm morning light to me. I think I would enjoy hearing this piece continuing developing for a couple more minutes! (if that were something you’re interested in trying)

atalinkay February 27, 2023 11:33pm

I feel like this is playing as a crew of humans are being launched into space on a mission. They’re trying to be chill, stakes are high, everything ends up being ok.

nick March 8, 2023 11:43am

for now

Tengo March 9, 2023 12:07am

i do love any movies about space, so you honor me with this association. let’s hope our crew makes it back home safe in this movie

juliapiker February 27, 2023 8:27pm

I like that shoegazeyness in the drone tone. Only wish it were even longer! I feel like all your synth sounds are sitting pretty equally across the board! love u mattyice

Tengo March 9, 2023 12:03am

love you back! thanks for the kind words

EliasSZ February 27, 2023 7:49pm

Cinematic as can be. Would love to hear this explode into a full on movie theme right where this ends. Feels like it could be the intro of something big. 

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:55pm

thanks, Elias!

Z February 27, 2023 4:48pm

I appreciate the context of the Korg ground rules – I wish decades of other artists had had the same discipline.

Its nice to have a pulse without the global quantizing of a metronome, it’s something that feels much better.

Patago-go-gadget fuck yeah.

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:45pm

thanks Z! here’s to keys and synth players exercising restraint

lizzie February 27, 2023 4:47pm (edited)

it’s the musical expression of how such intense heat can distort the image of the sky and make it look like it’s wavering. i love how you wanted to challenge yourself. such a great job.

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:31pm

Ah I love that image! thank you

froebusiness February 27, 2023 1:24pm

Really love the tones you got here.

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:21pm

thank you!

agasthya February 26, 2023 10:15pm

very cinematic! riding a motorcycle through the desert into the sunrise

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:14pm

appreciate that!

Ryan February 26, 2023 9:42pm

All timbres work very well for me. Wouldn’t mind the plinky stuff being a little verbed out, but overall these are super nice sounds. Nice work, mate.

daeclan February 26, 2023 8:25pm (edited)

cinematic vibes. blade runner but like set in argentina. wish i could help w synth stuff but its pretty engaging as is great work : )

Ryan February 26, 2023 9:41pm

Blade Runner set in Argentina is dead-ass accurate.

Tengo March 8, 2023 11:05pm

Thank you! looove the Blade Runner soundtrack so I’m glad you made that connection