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  • Submitted on time! Jul 5, 2020

First time playing with Logic (turns out I had bought it for my brother years ago). Seeing as I haven’t properly written a chorus/ verse/ bridge song, writing one backwards was a bit confusing! Mostly used this exercise to figure out how to play my guitar into the DAW and work on timing a little more.

There are footsteps sounds in there…just lost in the mix. Something to tackle next time. Still not happy with my voice but I think recording into a proper mic will help that (instead of the computer’s mic– so I’ll borrow my brother’s next time).

Thanks for all the words of encouragement so far, this has been the kick I’ve needed for a long time.

Single file
I just want to be where you are
No matter near or far
I just want to be where you are
Even if you move to Mars

This is the way
We form in lines
We move through time
To seek out minds for gold

I ain’t goin back
I can’t stay here
We’ll get to a place
Where we have no fear

I want to be free
Floating along
We’re stuck on this land
Surrounded by–

I just want to be where you are
No matter near or far
I just want to be where you are
Even if you move to Mars

We had one chance
To leave this place
Maybe we’d reach
A saving grace

Now that I’m gone
You need to know
I’ll always miss you
You were my truth

Looking for feedback on

Any suggestions on how to write lyrics with melodies that aren't the same as what you're playing?


nick July 10, 2020 10:41am

Hell yeah! Groovy spacey psych rock for the win. I’m loving the chords and the way you’re strumming. I just want to point out that by the end of each chord progression the guitar has gotten a little ahead of the drums in time. It’s clear that you can hear it, because then you hop back on beat. I’d recommend getting super comfortable with the chords, and then keeping a sharp eye (ear) on the drums while you’re recording 😈

kurds July 19, 2020 8:46pm

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely spend some more time practicing before committing to a take.

alechutson July 7, 2020 1:59pm

Hey dude! Great job with this one, I love the psych rock vibes. Mix wise I wouldn’t pan the different tracks so far to either side, esp if you’re gonna be cutting them in and out.

As for writing melodies that are different from what you’re playing… first, I don’t see anything wrong with having the melody be the same in your voice as the guitar. That can be a really cool effect if that’s what you’re going for.

If you are trying to have something different, then what I would do is just improvise different melodies over the same progression until you get something that sits well with the existing guitar riff but feels different and contrasting enough for what you are trying to achieve. I don’t have a precise science to it, and often operate entirely by feel so unfortunately that’s as detailed as I can get.

Hope that is helpful!

kurds July 19, 2020 8:45pm

Hey, thanks for listening and for the advice! The guidance is great– I’m trying to approach this whole thing kinda analytically but its a good reminder to just let go and be more free form.

Ryan July 6, 2020 8:42am

I can’t play the audio on this one! Anyone else??

kurds July 6, 2020 9:10am

Fixed it, thanks for the heads up!