Barahona, Bahoruco

  • Submitted on time! Feb 26, 2023
Earth Tones

Washing up back on the beach
Tide taking pieces of memories
First cigarette
Clear skies
First touch
And lies about my friends

It’s time to go home
On fickle streets and childrens feet

In Barahona
Where the skin speaks
In baharuco
Where you go home

Your curly hair and flashing lights
A few blocks south is another life
And the rain came
And Away
And the rain came
And away

Little boats still there
On a beach we keep on eating

In Barahona
Where the skin speaks
In baharuco
Where you go home

Chain link fences round the fires
Soft wind in the tires
Young liars — tell me the way
To make friends
It’s all pretend
It’s all pretend

Kids makin up names
Kids making up ways
To make friends

And the view from the soft jazz
Eat your rice and beans kid
and get to class

Looking for feedback on

Nah, just a little ditty


nurphgun March 7, 2023 9:28pm (edited)

Love the imagery and little scenes you describe in these lyrics. It radiates nostalgia. Your vocal delivery reminds me a little bit of this tune I’ve been revisiting lately.

nick March 6, 2023 11:27am

great chord progression, and well strummed. especially the turnaround chord at 1:19. also love the way you say Barahona that first time 👌

atalinkay February 27, 2023 11:20pm

Raw & satisfying!

lizzie February 27, 2023 4:21pm

really appreciate the guitar melody in this. it’s minimal for the amount of meaning it expresses. i love how the drone and the guitar are so steady and stable and outlive the lyrics – like this place has existed forever and you just took a quick moment to reflect on it. you went back about your day and the place went on existing.

Ben February 27, 2023 3:59pm

Great little ditty. Welcome. I dont know what “the view from the soft jazz” exactly means, but i like it.

What was the drone in this? Seems like some sort of wind thing with a crank of some sort? or like… a … bagpipe?

nick March 6, 2023 11:29am

yeah, love “the view from the soft jazz.” like, muzak getting played in the elevator, or somewhere with a window.

Z February 27, 2023 3:37pm (edited)


I appreciate how faithful to the parameters this is – you can really hear the drone throughout and how it interacts with the chords, which are also some of my favorite chords on the guitar – if I could have Bm7 and E in every song I would.

I also dig the attitude, Iove that is it conveys weariness without making me feel weary.

Nice “ditty” friend!

EliasSZ February 27, 2023 2:20pm

The shape of this tune is really sticking with me – the growth to the heights and the relationship to quiet moments. How it lands on the “Little boats” line felt so inevitable and rewarding – and the quiet outro of just guitar fading into the drone felt so right.

froebusiness February 27, 2023 12:56pm

I love how evocative the chorus line is “In Barahona where the skin speaks.”

Ryan February 26, 2023 10:03pm

First off—welcome! Psyched to have you here!

Loving how these chords interact with the drone. Really makes the warm moments shine. The attitude of this track in general is rad. And the melody on “Barahona, Bahoruco” is super satisfying. What did you use for the drone? Love the tone of it.

Sam Pearce February 26, 2023 9:32pm

Damn this was cool. I could hear most of the lyrics but I’d be curious to read them too.

lukys7en February 27, 2023 8:37am

Posted em for ya