What is there to lose?

  • Submitted on time! Aug 30, 2020
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Me ruining a beautiful song.

Looking for feedback on

I just don't know how to use garageband at all :)


nurphgun September 1, 2020 9:42pm

This was great. Your voice is lovely and it’s a super genuine performance. As a fan and friend of @@alechutsonand his music, it was so cool to hear this. It totally reinforced for me just how awesome a songwriter Alec is that his songs are so beautiful, memorable, playable, and singable. They just have that undeniable quality and structure. So cheers to you both!

alechutson September 2, 2020 9:29pm (edited)

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

skstoxdale September 9, 2020 8:38pm

Shucks, glad you enjoyed. Yes, I agree on all these fronts. It was so enjoyable to just run with the beautiful simplicity of this song. Let’s make a fan club!

Ryan September 1, 2020 12:27pm

Love how genuine and committed this is. You’ve also got a great natural vocal tone.

In regards to your Garageband comment, YouTube tutorials are a true miracle nowadays. Though I might mention, it’ll never be too too friendly until you’ve got a couple of decent microphones in the mix. Also @@nick is a straight-up GB wizard, if you ever wanna pick his brain.

skstoxdale September 9, 2020 8:39pm

Dope, thank you for the suggestions!

alechutson September 1, 2020 10:56am

this is so lovely, i am honored! i love your voice on this. it’s funny how the intro sounds like No Surprises when played on guitar hehe

skstoxdale September 9, 2020 8:41pm

hehe, not sure if I got the progression right, especially the “bridge.” But such a beautiful song. Thanks for writing and sharing it. And letting me fuck it up <3